Language family:  Hizkuntza artifiziala.

Language codes:

        ISO  639-1   -

        ISO  639-2   art 

        ISO  639-3   - 


Beste izen batzuk (autoglotonimoa: globish):


Hizkuntza / lengua: globishera / globish / globish / globish.

Hiztunak / hablantes (2014): oraindik proiektua da.

Herrialdea / país: ?


 LENGUA. Principales características.



Escritura. Alfabeto latino. 




GLOBISH, How the english language became the World’s language, Edukia: Part one * Founders. I. In the beginning; for invasion and a cultural revolution. II. Defeat into victory: the DNA of self-expresion. III. ‘Light english’: Medieval mass communications. IV. Eating paper, Drinking ink: Shakespeare & Co. Part two * Pioneers. V. ‘A whole of english’: re-inventing freedom and  oroginality. VI. ‘Common hopes and common dreams’: lighting out for the territory. VII. ‘The audacity of hope’: from slavery to redemption. Part three * Popularisers. VIII. Rule, Britannia!: how England became British. IX. East, in a western voice: The people’s empire. X. ‘At the top of the world’: The imperial Swan Song. Part four * Modernisers. XI. ‘A willingness of the heart’: The american century I. XII. ‘The unity of the english-speaking peoples’: The american century II. XIII. ‘The world at your fingertips’: from Google to globish, 1989-2009. Part five * Globalisers. XIV. One world, one dream: ‘Conquer english to make China strong’. XV. ‘Virtually Running America’: India, the Far East and beyond, first edition, by Robert McCrum, W.W. Norton & Company, 24X16, 331 or., New York-London, 2010.